Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sick of being Sick!!!

I think my title explains my feelings.  Since we have been in our house we have had great winters as far as illnesses are concerned, but I guess someone thought it was our turn.  Around the end of December Brad injured his SI joint and has being going through treatment for it. Unfortunately he has had some side effects from the steroid injections and is now being treated for those.  I caught a cold and have been dealing with it for the last three weeks.  I woke up this morning and it was 100 times worse, so I went into the doctor and have a full blown sinus infection.  Last Friday Jackson woke up and came into our bedroom and said he had a cough and didn't feel good.  I thought he just didn't want to go to preschool and was faking it.  Well, I guess I should have just believed him because the poor kid was sick all day throwing up and just got his appetite back yesterday and now he has a runny nose and a cough.  Then there is little Addi who we thought had chickenpox, but luckily the doctor said no she doesn't and that it is just skin irritation, which isn't surprising because she has the MOST sensitive skin.  I am waiting for all of this to pass and for all of us to regain our strength and health.  I am ready for a day to be out and about, instead of being in the four walls of our home even though I love my home.   


Kimmie said...

I totally get ya sis! We were into the Dr. this morning. Brooklyn was running a fever of 104.8 and I freaked. Well they are running some test and they think it is the influenza bug. They will know what strain when the tests come back!!!

Camie said...

YUCK! Being sick is sooo miserable! And it seems like once someone gets something it doesn't stop forever!! Hopefully you'll all be well soon!

Lisa Burbidge said...

I think we are all sick of sick kids!! I have had Stuart sick the twins both got step throat and the croup and now the baby is sick and I am just hoping she gets it the least because otherwise we will be at primary's with her!! yuk when is summer coming!!