Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tag, I'm It!!!!

It must be the eight thing.  Thanks for tagging me Melinda!! 

8 TV shows I watch
1.  Grey's Anantomy
2.  The Today Show
3.  The Bachelor  (I'm rooting for Molly)
4.  Baby Story
5.  American Idol
6.  Private Practice
7.  ER
8.  Bringing Home Baby

8 Favorite Resteraunts
1.  Ruby River
2.  Su Casa
3.  Sam Pan 
4.  La Puente
5.  Cheesecake Factory 
6.  Cafe Rio
7.  Costco slice of pizza and a drink. (It's good and cheap!)
8.  Taco Bell

8 Things That Happened To You This Week
1.  I got a really bad sinus infection.
2.  Took Addison to the doctor for what we thought might be chickenpox, but luckily wasn't.
3.  Went to enrichment.
4.  Watched my niece. 
5.  My Love stayed home to help me take care of the kids since we are all sick.
6.  My great visiting teachers brought us dinner, since we are all sick.
7.  Lots of naps and rest.
8.  Read my book.

8 Things I Look Forward To
1.  My families health returning.
2.  Possibly going to St. George next weekend, if the weather is good.
3.  Addison's first birthday, although I'm a little sad at the thought of her already being one. 
4.  Going to Vegas.
5.  Tax Return
6.  Spending warm, summer nights outside with my family.
7.  Race for the Cure
8.  Painting and decorating my home. 

8 Things I Pray For
1.  Brad
2.  My children, even those that have yet to be sent to me.
3.  To help me be a better wife and mother.
4.  Health.
5.  Safety.
6.  Patience. 
7.  To help me spiritually.
8.  To show my gratitude for all that he has blessed me with.

8 People I Tag

1.  Dad
2.  Nichole
3.  Kris
4.  Kimberlee
5.  Sarah
6.  Matthew  
7.  Camie 
8.  Anyone who feels inclined since everyone else I know has already been tagged!


Kimmie said...

Great Thanks Heather...I really hate these things, but I love you so I will do it!

Jenny said...

Are you alive (like I have any room to talk not blogging for 3 months!). Just wanting to look at some new pics of your cute kids, that's all.