Sunday, November 22, 2009


I helped out in Jackson's preschool class on Halloween. His teacher came up to me and said that Jackson's class is her loudest class and she is constantly telling them to be quiet. One morning she asked them to be quiet and Jackson raised his hand, she called on him and he said, "Yep we need to be quiet for Jesus." (Keep in mind this is preschool, not church!)

Jackson was getting ready for bed and said to me with his hands on his lower back, "Mom, I need some Voltarin for my back because it hurts and that's what Voltarin is for, so I need some." Maybe we watch to much TV. It amazes me what he picks up. I have no idea if that is what Voltarin is used for, but we are hoping that he doesn't pick up some of the other drug commercials.

Brad's parents took Jackson and Addison for a day in October so Brad and I could spend the day together for Brad's birthday. They were in the car and all the sudden Joe turned to Patti and said, "Did Jackson just say what I think he said?" Joe asked Jackson what he said and Jackson said, "No I will not have sex with you. I don't care how bad you want it, lady." Again, maybe we watch to much TV. Brad and I are huge Friends fans and watch the reruns a lot. For those of you who share this addiction with us you will know the episode with Ross and Rachel on the airplane to LasVegas.

Back in August the movie Sixteen Candles was on Starz a few times. Well, for those of you who have seen the classic will get a laugh out of this one. We had it on for the third time and all the sudden Brad and I hear Jackson say, "No more yanky my wanky!" Enough said.

Also on Starz they have been playing Back to the Future and Jackson and Brad had been watching it. One evening we hear Jackson say, "Holy Shit!" (As I am typing this, I really am realizing how much TV we watch. UGH!)

Jackson had gotten in trouble and as I was talking to him about what he did he says to me, "But I'm only a teenager!"

(The kids definitely keep us on our toes. It's moments like these that make us laugh over and over again and remind us that we would not change anything about where we are in our lives.)