Saturday, January 10, 2009

Utah Utes #2

Go Utes!!  They have had a great season and we have enjoyed every minute of it, especially attending church and being in the minority of Utah fans.  Even though they did not get the ranking they deserve, they still have everything to be proud of.  I gained some respect for Kyle Whittingham for voting his team number one in the coaches poll and taking a stand.  I don't understand much about how the BCS works, but I wish they would get rid of it and go to a playoff system like every other college sport and end all this controversary, but oh well.  This season has got Brad and I thinking about season tickets or at least buying tickets to a game or two next year.  We had a blast watching the Sugarbowl and watching them stick it to Alabama.  Until next season........GO UTES!!!!


BikerDAD said...

Love the song!!!! Go UTES!!!!!!!

Jenny said...

We just had a similar instance here when Wake Forest beat BYU AT BYU breaking their 50 something home winning streak. Stan is a Cougar and a Deacon, but I am an Aggie and now my love for the Deacs has grown 10 fold!

There are a ton of grad/med students in our ward from BYU so it was very interesting to get their reactions to it...we also have one UTE! Him and his wife wore red (him sweater and socks, her a red dress) in honor of the UTES a little while back. It was funny.