Saturday, January 10, 2009

Moments of 2008

A few years ago we received a Christmas letter with this quote, "Life is not a matter of milestones...but of moments." 2008 was a year of happy moments, sad moments, faithful moments, discouraging moments, thankful moments, lovable moments, and just moments.  I have to say that I am glad to be starting a new year of new moments and leaving 2008 in the past. 

Moments of 2008 - Jackson going to primary - 1800 contacts partnering up with Wal-Mart and Brad being treated as a celebrity at meetings with the two companies - My last day of work - Brad constantly being out of town the last month of my pregnancy - Doctors appointments and non stress tests - Jackson and I getting stuck in the worst snow storm for six hours with me 8 1/2 months pregnant, Jackson eating Fun Dip for dinner and being so thankful for a willing friend to take us in and let us spend the night since we could not get home - Birth of our beautiful baby girl, Addison McKelle - All of us adjusting to our new addition - Death of my grandfather, George Lamar Watson - Spending a day with my brother, Paul, from Iowa - Addison and reflux - Birth of my niece, Brooklyn - Brad's health and pleading to my Heavenly Father for him to be alright  - Being there for Brad's brother, Justin, to open up his mission call to Sidney, Australia (same mission as Brad) - Brad's position at work changing to Industry Compliance - Death of a phenomenal colleague and friend -Birth of my niece, Zoe - Jackson playing Itty Bitty Baseball, Itty Bitty Soccer, and Itty Bitty Football - Going to the temple with Justin and being there with him to take out his endowments - Brad finding a mistress, his Harley and loving every bit of it - The release of Breaking Dawn and me spending the night at a hotel with my sister, Nichole, and a friend to do nothing but read  - A wonderful husband that was willing to take care of the kids so that I could stay at a hotel and do nothing but read - Book club and making great friends - Jackson's birthday party at the Scott family cabin, a yearly tradition - Jackson starting Preschool at Little Scholars Academy - Justin's farewell and going with the family to take him to the MTC - Watching Addison learn how to smile, laugh, roll, sit, crawl, stand and discover her new world - Death of brad's grandmother, Lillian Scott - Holidays - Jackson and his school programs  - Utah beating BYU in football and loving church the following Sunday - Brad and I learning that Addison will be the one to test us - Planning ward activities - Tending my nieces - And too many more to mention. 

We have also spent many moments realizing how blessed we are and how thankful we are to our Heavenly Father for those blessings, moments spent thanking Him for the priesthood and the sacrifices that our Savior made for us.  Moments thanking Him for each other and our families. 

We are looking forward to a new year and new adventures.  We like many have made new year resolutions and hope that they stick for the year to come.  


Badillo Family said...

I hope you don't mind that I check out your blog. :) It is so fun to catch up with you and your beautiful family. I am so excited to get to know you better when we head to Vegas!

Equipoise said...

Here's to many happy moments in 2009. I so appreciate everything you do for us and your love for Zoe. You'll never know how much it means to me.