Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wow, has it been that long?!

I can and can't believe that it has been four months since I have posted. It's funny because I will get on and read everyone elses' blogs and not do a thing with mine. Anyway, here is an update on what we have been up to.

Well, little miss Addi is now one. She turned one at the end of February and we had fun celebrating that special day. It was an emotional time for me as I had a hard time believing that a year had gone by. She is so much fun and I love having a girl. At her 12 month well child check we had found out that she had lost over a pound and because of that her weight on the growth chart had dropped drastically and there was need to be concerned. They had us 'power pack' her, which means that she had to eat fatty foods. We were giving her half whole milk and the other half half and half, when I cooked I had to use butter instead of margarine, avocados, whole fat yogurt, etc. We took her in for a weight check in April and though she had gained it was not enough and the diet continued until her 15 month well child check and if her weight did not increase she would have to go through testing to find out what was causing the weight loss. Luckily, at her check-up last week her weight was back up and there is no longer a need to be concerned. Other than that she is moving along great and growing as she should. She started walking somewhere in her 13th month and when the binky is not in the mouth she is a jabber box. My favorite is when she is done eating she raises her hands in the air and lowers them as she says "all done", it is the cutest. We love her to death and it is hard to remember what life was like before her.

Jackson is enjoying summer. He had his preschool graduation at the end of May and yes I said preschool graduation. He loved preschool and loved his teacher Mrs. Jensen. It's amazing how much he grew and learned during this year. He is so smart and loves reading. He had swimming lessons in March and April and Brad and I were so excited about his progress. But, now we go to the pool it seems like we are back at square one. I hope to put him in lessons again in the next month or so and see if we can get back what he had gained. He is signed-up to play soccer with the city in August and he is very excited about that. Other than that he is loving being outside, riding his bike, and working outside with dad.

Brad is doing well. He traveled what seemed like a lot in April and May, has been busy working outside and doing projects around the house, busy with work and enjoying the time he gets to be riding his mistress (the Harley). At the beginning of April he traveled with work to Atlanta for an eye doctors conference. He really enjoys traveling with work and the opportunities it provides. Also in April Brad and I had the chance to get away to Jackson Hole, WY and spend four days together without the kids. Brad's parents tended the kids and we stayed in the same room at the same bed and breakfast we stayed at on our honeymoon. It was great to to be together and to focus on us as a couple. Then at the beginning of May he went and visited his sister in Dallas. They went and saw the spot where JFK was killed and he said that was eerie, he was able to experience rain in the midwest, enjoyed good eats, and spending time with Jenni. Unfortunately, he has not been able to ride the Harley as much as he would like due to the weather. He went on a group ride on May 9th with my dad that was an all day event. There were about 140 motorcycles on the ride with a police escort. He said it was a great experience, but a long time on a bike. He hopes to do more. He and his dad recently prepped and poured the cement pad on the side of the house and is currently working on finishing the garage. Project after project. We aren't quite sure that even when your house is finished the projects are ever done.

As for me, I have not been up to much. I feel like I am busy and always have something to do (except lately) and then when I look back at the day it's like what was I busy doing. At the beginning of March I was put in the Young Women as the MiaMaid Advisor and Assistant Girl's Camp director. Those two callings keep me on my toes. I enjoy them and have enjoyed getting to know the girls and the other leaders. I felt like a complete soccer mom for awhile with swim lessons, itty bitty ball, and preschool thank goodness things have eased up a bit. I enjoyed the time in Jackson Hole with Brad it felt like it had been a long time since we had the chance for it to be just us and I loved it!! On May 9th I ran my second race for the cure (5k) and beat my previous time. I ran it somewhere between 35 and 40 minutes. When I crossed that finish line I can not tell you the sense of accomplishment I felt and I love that feeling! We found out back in May that we are expecting our third child. Since then I have been feeling pretty crummy physically, but on the other hand it is a good feeling mentally to know that I am sick because it tells me everything is OK and that the baby is doing good. I am currently ten weeks and can't wait for the first trimester to be over.

I hope to be better about posting more regularly and hope that all is well with everyone. Happy summer!!

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