Saturday, November 15, 2008

Who are you??

My friend has this posted on her blog and I wanted to find out who I was?  I took the test and I am a Bella.  "You are observant, diplomatic and often aim to please.  You are unaware of your attractiveness and despite being uncomfortable with any form of attention, people enjoy your company.  You can be impatient, stubborn and headstrong, but you are true to your  word and mature for your age, often taking care of your family and enjoying a good book over chatting with girlfriends on the phone."  Take the quiz and find out who you are. I took the quiz a second time because there were a couple questions that I could have had two answers for and the second time I was an Esme.  Anyway, have fun with it. 


Anonymous said...

Hellllloooo!!!!! I knew you would be a Bella. I think it fits you perfectly. Except the phone part. In the last 2 days we have talked on the phone for at least an hour. I have loved every minute of it. Can't wait till tomorrow. See ya girlfriend!!

Kimmie said...

Where do you take the quiz?