Saturday, November 22, 2008

Go Utes!!!

12 & 0!!  What a game!  Brad and the kids and I went up to Brad's parents house to watch the game since we do not have the Mountain with Dish network.  We were on the edge of our seats till about the 5th interception and then we were able to relax. Brad and I were yelling at the TV screen and Addison would look at us like we were half nuts. Jackson would shout 'GO UTES!' when Brad and I would freak out and then go back to playing with whatever he was playing with at the time.  We are so excited and happy about the Utes victory.  Good game to the 'Team Down South'.  BCS Bowl Game here we come!! 


Camie said...

8 interceptions all season, then 4 in one game! Ridiculous!! Hopefully you'll get a bowl close by.

Camie said...

I mean 5, SHEESH!!

Kimmie said...

You Rock girl and our Team Rocks!! Nice music and pic. Lots of Love