Friday, August 22, 2008

Warning: Construction Zone

I am so excited to start this blog, but I have a confession I am computer illiterate. I am having to have Brad and my sister, Kim, walk me through everything, pathetic I know. So please bear with me as I try this out. As my other sister, Nichole, says 'I am a blogging virgin!'

I also wanted to explain the reason for my blog name, Tons and Tons and Heaps. Awhile back before Addison was born and I would put Jackson to bed and I would say to him, 'Jackson how much does momma love you?' He wouldn't answer and I would tell him, 'tons and tons.' Brad wanted in on it too and would tell Jackson that he loves him heaps and heaps. So, now when we ask Jackson 'How much do mom and dad love you?' he says, 'Tons and Tons and Heaps!!'

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