Thursday, August 28, 2008

Addison is Six Months Old

Addison had her six month well child check on Monday. She is getting so big. She weighs 17 lbs and is 26.75 in. She is in the 70% for her weight and in the 90% for her height and only in the 25% for her head circumference. Her development is fine, but we need to work on sitting. She rolls wherever she needs to go and she is figuring out that she can go further with every new day. I will turn me head for just a second and she is off the blanket and has ran into

the coffee table. It makes us laugh. We try so hard to make Addison laugh and she will but she will hold it in. Dr. Feindt does not seem to be concerned because Addison is meeting all her social developmental goals and feels that Addison is just a more serious natured baby then Jackson was. Addison has begun to talk more and more. A few weeks ago I would say that she would just talk to get your attention and if you did not give it to her she would just get louder, but now she is just content to talk to herself with a quiet sweet voice. She didn't give me much information about Addison and her reflux, but we see the Pediatric Upper GI Specialist on September

5th, Yeah!! We were finally able to start baby food. We had to wait because of the possibility for food allergies since she has cow milk protein intolerance and eczema. We started out with squash and even though it may not look like it she really did enjoy it. She is getting so big and is a ton of fun. She is a great addition to our family!


Kimmie said...

What a doll, she is getting so big. You have such great kids. Hope that the food thing is going good, Brooklyn hates rice, she must take after Bethie.

Equipoise said...

I LOVE that you are blogging! (Also, the blog name and reason behind it are irresistable!)

Jenny said...

These 2 posts are soo cute...BUT - I need more. I am on the other side of the US and wondering how things are going in your neck of the woods...give us the goods...the day to day...I will be waiting! Take care!

Camie said...

So cute! Can you believe how fast they grow?? I can't believe Nichole talked me into this blogging thing...:)