Sunday, February 6, 2011

December 2010, Part 1, NYC

Yes, I am a little behind (as usual), but better late then never. I had the opportunity to go to the big apple with my sister and best friend and we had an amazing time. Brad went to the Utah Notre Dame game back in November as did my sister's husband. My sister and I watched the game together and talked to each other a ton that weekend because neither one of us like being home alone. On one telephone conversation she said we need a girl's trip, so we decided to think about it and talk the next day. When she called the next day I told her that I thought about Park City or St. George and she said that we were so not on the same page and she was thinking Chicago, San Francisco, or NYC. We decided to go for it when her hubby found a great deal on plane tickets the next day. We had such a fabulous time. We stayed less then a block from Times Square, shopped, saw the Twin Towers site, took the subway, ate great food, but my favorite part were the Broadway plays we saw. Phantom of the Opera and Wicked. Phantom was amazing and the girl who played the main part had the most amazing voice. I have never heard such a strong, loud, clear, amazing voice. However, Wicked is my favorite of the two. The story line was great and the music was just amazing. I loved every minute of it and could see it over and over again. I decided that I could go to NYC and just see plays. We had a great time and can't wait to go again. Thanks sis for the great trip! I still look back and laugh at all the silly things (milfo pla and the 29 year old grandma walking down the stairs) and all the great talks we had. It was a blast! Thanks to my Love for making my dream of seeing NYC at Christmastime come true and letting me go, taking time off work and taking care of the kids, and giving me a much needed break. I love you babe!

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Monique said...

SO MUCH FUN!!! "Milfo Pla", "29 year old grandma" and don't forget my favorite, ready... "Lady hanging out on the ladder", made me laugh so hard. Oh great memories! Talk to you soon!