Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jackson's First day of School and 6th Birthday

Jackson started school on August 31st. For the most part I think he loves going to kindergarten. He has only had one day where he came home upset and said, "I don't want to be a kindergartner anymore." Some days he is more than willing to do his homework and others he is your typical child and throws a fit to do it. Some days I can not believe how much homework he comes home with and even I feel overwhelmed and we are just beginning. It has been nice having those three hours with just the girls. At first Addi I think felt a little lost and kept asking where Jackson was and now she has realized that she can go into his room and play without being told to get out. Her favorite part of the day is taking Jackson to the bus stop and picking him up. When he gets on the bus she stands on the corner, watches him get on and waves as they pull away. When he gets off the bus she yells "Jackson!" The other day Brad went into work late and took Jackson to the bus stop and she was devastated that she didn't get to walk him down.

Jackson has been wanting a train birthday party up at the cabin for months. We were unable to have his party at the cabin so we tried hard to make it a TRAIN birthday. The day of his birthday we gave him the option of where he wanted to go for dinner and he chose Chucke Cheese. The kids had a great time playing games and eating pizza. We had his party with the family on the 12th. Brad made birthday invitations in the form of train tickets and Jackson wore a train engineer costume. He loved his cake and all the presents he got. Thanks everyone for making it a special day for him!

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Equipoise said...

The tickets were such a cute idea! I'm just sorry I didn't check my mail beforehand!

Jenny said...

Is he really that old already? What a sweet boy! I am in Utah and would love to do lunch sometime. We are living in SLC(Millcreek). email me at

Talk with you soon I hope!