Thursday, September 18, 2008


I have to say that I am sad to see summer ending, but happy to see fall approaching. I say this about every change in the seasons, but I honestly feel this way for many reasons. So far this year has been one of craziness. In January I was approaching my due date with Addison, quiting work, Brad was out of town a lot, and then Addison came and we have been dealing with reflux and milk protein intolerance and supposedly teething since June and Jackson playing baseball and soccer and starting school and I just feel that I can't find a balance in anything. Addison is six months old now and it seems that the days are just not long enough to accomplish everything that I need or want to. I feel like I should have it down packed by now, but I don't. So, I ask to please keep checking and reading our blog, I haven't posted as much as I would like to, but I hope to be more frequent at it and finding the balance that I am so desperately looking for!!


Jenny said...

Yeah! Thanks for posting. Love the pictures. Looks like lots of fun at your house.
I think that all through our lives we will come to a time where we will need to balance everything...then we go for a while (months or years) and we need to balance everything again. We are constantly growing as women, mothers, wives, daughters, and friends. This is made even more complicated by those around us that are growing-changing-learning also. The beauty of motherhood is that we eventually find that balance for a little bit that gives us that slight break and then it seems that we start the whole process over again. You would be surprised how many around you would be shocked to hear that you don't think you have that "balance". They were probably wishing they had it together as much as you "seem" to. Hang in there. The great thing about this crazy ride is you have a husband that is crazy about you and 2 wonderful kiddos! So many blessings! Love ya!

Camie said...

Good luck! I wish I had some good advice, but it's something I'm constantly working working on myself!!!

Kimmie said...

No worries Heather, sometimes Life happens and takes us away from the things we desire to do, liek blogging. But don't forget that you are a GREAT and WONDERFUL mom!!!